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a global leader in natural soda ash
a global leader in natural soda ash
a global leader in natural soda ash
a global leader in natural soda ash
Soda Ash Today, soda ash consistently ranks as one of the top ten inorganic chemicals produced in the world. When processed, soda ash can vary in density, size, and shape. This flexibility allows it to be used in a variety of industries and applications glass manufacturing, dry powder detergents, specialty chemicals, and food manufacturing.
  • Glass Manufacturing More than half the worldwide production of soda ash is used to make commercial glass that we see around us in our everyday lives.
    Glass Manufacturing
  • Dry Powder Detergents Soda ash is an essential component of most dry powder detergents. The high alkalinity of soda ash acts as a solvent in removing stains.
    Dry Powder Detergents
  • Pulp Processing In the Kraft paper process, soda ash is a constituent for minor pulping and an intermediate chemical formed in the regeneration process.
    Pulp Processing
Committed to Environmental Sustainability Synthetic soda ash is made using either the Solvay or Hou process and contains a number of different chemicals. Both methods leave behind byproducts and require either seaside discharge or waste beds to catch leftover impurities. These impurities have led to water pollution and overall deterioration of the surrounding environment.
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Unlike the synthetic Solvay and Hou processes, Ciner uses an all-natural mining system. Our soda ash is mined from the ground and refined with no additional chemicals. The solution mining method is environmentally friendly and produces a pure, high-quality product. Our all-natural approach keeps costs low, allowing us to distribute Ciner soda ash all over the world in a cost-effective and competitive manner. READ MORE
Our Soda Business Ciner Group is a leader in production of natural soda ash that is among the most requested elements in the world. Total soda ash production of Ciner Group is 7 million tons. Production facilities are in strategic locations such as Kazan and Beypazari province of Ankara in Turkey and Wyoming in United States.
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Ciner Group, which founded a totally integrated industrial network with the most efficient way to process the mine, fulfilment of production and the transmission to the end user is the only industrial leader company in the world.The group companies that make green product certified trona production stand out in the world with its environmentalist approach. READ MORE
  • pH Control When injected into a water system with a chemical feed pump soda ash will neutralize acid water and eliminate corrosion problems.
    pH Control
  • Specialty Chemicals Manufacturing Speciality chemicals are usually manufactured in batch chemical plants using batch processing techniques
    Specialty Chemicals Manufacturing
  • Food Manufacturing Food grade dense soda ash is an essential ingredient in the process of food manufacturing such as yeast and baking soda.
    Food Manufacturing

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