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a global leader in natural soda ash
a global leader in natural soda ash
a global leader in natural soda ash
Our Company As We Soda LTD, our service is to maintain positive business relationships with our existing customers and potential clients. Assessment of new marketing and sales opportunities through research and development on international markets.
The trona solution is taken into the monohydrate process in our facilities and converted to the Sodium Carbonate and Sodium Bicarbonate products. The products of Ciner, which are used in many sectors such as glass production and baking powder, are exported all over the world, especially to European countries. We are one of the leading low cost, high quality, environmentally friendly natural soda ash supplier.
Mission & Vision

By an environmental and human oriented approach, aware of our social responsibility, with a dynamic, productive and innovative team, bringing our quality and natural products into the global economy.

To become a world brand by increasing the standards of our products and services; to provide steady growth in the Sodium Carbonate and Sodium Bicarbonate production with improving sustainable development.


Kazan Soda Elektrik aims at a production that will contribute to a livable future in the world. In line with this objective, it will use natural resources responsibly in its production units. Natural Dense Soda Ash production requires much less energy and much less water when compared to Synthetic Soda Ash production. In addition, the amount of CO₂ emission is extremely low compared to other production methods. A large portion of the CO₂ retained during the production is used in the production of “Sodium Bicarbonate”.

Eti Soda is taking the measures that will reduce the human health and environmental effects to the minimum, evaluating the risks that may cause occupational diseases and accidents, reaching the “Zero Environment and Work Accident” sustainable final goal by improving the working conditions.

Ciner Wyoming understands how important the environment is to our industry. We take pride in the fact that all of our products are made from naturally occurring ingredients. Soda ash is a mineral mined from the ground and refined with no additional chemicals added to the product. Our product is pure and safe enough to be added to food products that are consumed every day. In addition, Ciner soda ash is more environmentally friendly than other products that could be used in its place. Ciner is committed to working towards producing innovative, reliable, and safe products for the environment and for the future.

Improvement in environment performance is our corporate goal and protection of the environment is integral to the way we do business.