WE Soda's Management Team

  • Alasdair Warren

    Alasdair Warren

    CEO | London, UK

    Executive Board Director, senior management responsibility for WE Soda.

    Prior to joining WE Soda in 2018, Alasdair held various senior corporate and investment banking roles for almost 30 years, most recently as the Head of Corporate & Investment Banking EMEA at Deutsche Bank.

  • Ahmet Tohma

    Ahmet Tohma

    CFO | London, UK

    Executive Board Director, WE Soda Group Chief Financial Officer

    Prior to his current role, Ahmet was the CFO at Ciner Wyoming, USA.

  • Mehmet Ali Erdogan

    Mehmet Ali Erdogan

    Chief Legal Counsel | London, UK

    Executive Director and in-house counsel for WE Soda.

    Mehmet Ali has been a legal advisor to a number of Ciner group companies for over 15 years, and a practicing solicitor and lawyer for over 25 years. He is a dual qualified English solicitor and Turkish lawyer with offices in both the UK and Turkey.

  • Nicholas Hall

    Nicholas Hall

    Chief Strategy & Risk Officer | London, UK

    Executive Board Director.

    Prior to joining the Group, Nicholas served as a Manager Director at JP Morgan Cazenove based in London. Nicholas was employed at JP Morgan Cazenove for 27 years, serving in a number of roles including as senior client executive within the UK Investment Bank and the head of UK Equity Capital Markets.

  • Mustafa Tanzer Ergul

    Mustafa Tanzer Ergul

    Chief Operating Officer | Ankara, Turkey

    General Manager and Board member of Eti Soda and Kazan Soda.

    Prior to his current role, Tanzer was the Project Manager for the Eti Soda and Kazan Soda development projects and the Vice General Manager responsible for production, with over 25 years' experience with WE Soda and Eti Mine Works.

  • Oguz Erkan

    Oguz Erkan

    CEO of US Operations | Wyoming, US

    Oguz Erkan serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Group’s operations in the United States and as a board representative of Şişecam Resources Corporation, a position he has held since Dec 2021.

    Oguz has served in a number of senior leadership positions within the Ciner Group of companies, in a number of locations around the world.

  • Ali Çetinbulut Chief Information Officer WE Soda Group

    Ali Çetinbulut

    CIO | Ankara, Turkey

    WE Soda Group Chief Information Officer.

    Prior to joining WE Soda in 2023, Ali worked in the USA, Europe and Turkey for multiple global companies, leading digital strategies and transformation projects.

  • Arzu Öneyman, Chief Human Resources Officer, Ankara, Turkey

    Arzu Öneyman

    Chief Human Resources Officer | Ankara, Turkey

    Arzu is an HR professional, with 20+ years of experience, having served in a number of senior leadership positions within multinational companies in a variety of sectors.

    Arzu was recognised as one of “Türkiye’s TOP 50 CHRO Executives” in 2022.

  • Dr. Mahmut Kursun

    Dr. Mahmut Kursun

    VP, Logistics | Istanbul, Turkey

    Responsible for all logistics operations, inland transportation, bulk and container shipping operations, and the planning and execution of digital transformation processes.

  • Arif Sinan Solaklar

    Arif Sinan Solaklar

    VP, Sales & Marketing | Istanbul, Turkey

    Responsible for global Sales and Marketing of WE Soda.

    Sinan has over 25 years' experience in Şişecam as VP of Sales and Marketing for Soda Ash.

  • Anita Siddle

    Anita Siddle

    Global Sustainability Director | London, UK

    Anita Siddle has served as the Global Sustainability Director since February 2023.

    Anita previously served as the Global ESG and H&S Manager since 2022, having joined the Group in 2020.

  • Edward Westropp

    Edward Westropp

    Head of Investor Relations & Communications | London, UK

    Edward previously served as the Vice President of Investor Relations & Communications for Lundin Energy AB.

    Edward has more than 20 years' experience in investor relations and financial communications.

  • Mehmet Unver

    Mehmet Unver

    General Manager | Kazan Soda, Turkey

    Prior to his current role, Mehmet served as Vice General Manager of Kazan Soda since 2018.

    Mehmet joined the Group in 2005 and has previously held various technical and operational positions at Eti Soda.

  • Nazif Akay

    Nazif Akay

    General Manager | Eti Soda, Turkey

    Prior to his current role, served as Vice General Manager of Eti Soda since 2019.

    Nazif joined the Group in 2008 and has previously held various technical and operational positions at Eti Soda.