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Chairman's statement: Our corporate culture and values

We target best-in-class operating standards within our industry, producing and supplying the highest quality product for our global customers in an environmentally and socially responsible way, using innovative production technology and a highly reliable global supply chain.

We aim to attract, develop and retain the best people and have built a skilled and highly capable global workforce that is critical to our success, with each individual contributing to the vibrant performance culture we enjoy. We focus on integrity and responsible business practices, and value the long-standing partnerships we have built with our distributors, customers and other stakeholders.

We invest in the communities in which we operate, providing support and resources, which foster co-operation, development and economic independence.

I invite you to explore our website to find out more about our culture, our business, and the principles which guide our operations every day.

Gürsel Usta | Chairman, WE Soda

Gursel Usta WE Soda Chairman

Shaping our culture and values

Of the many elements which define our business, four key components play a fundemental role in shaping our culture and values:

Our people and stakeholders

We invest in our people.

Health & Safety

We prioritise Health & Safety.


We operate sustainably.


We excel at innovation.

WE Soda employees
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Investing in our people

We have over 1,200 employees across two production sites in Turkey and our headquarters in London.

Investing in our people is core to our business and culture. It has helped drive our phenomenal success from start-up to world leader over the last decade. This combined teamwork and dedication to empowering, developing and rewarding individuals is key to our long-term success. We value:

  • Protecting human rights, equality, diversity and inclusion.
  • Maintaining exemplary health and safety standards.
  • Maximising development opportunities and fostering creative innovation.
  • Social events and community support initiatives.
Health & Safety

Prioritising Health & Safety

The Health and & Safety of our employees is at the centre of everything we do. Our OHS (Occupational Health & Safety) procedures apply throughout our organisation, with the objective of zero workplace accidents. 

Flask iconOHS Safe Field Environment

Above-ground solution extraction at Eti and Kazan Soda brings inherent Health & Safety benefits for our operatives. What’s more, we continually strive to introduce field safety innovations, such as our field transmitters to help IT teams locate individuals during an emergency. 


In 2018, Eti Soda achieved a 37.5% reduction in workplace accidents.

Sustainability eco

Operating sustainably

Our sustainability business model is shaped by the potential impacts on all of our stakeholders: our customers, employees, suppliers, investors, local community, and the ecological habitats in which we operate: 

We set ambitious yet achievable environmental, economic, efficiency, social, occupational health and safety, and continuous improvement targets.

We endeavour to support transformation to a low carbon economy in the global fight against climate change.

We ensure transparent and accountable management through a framework of ethical guidelines and a culture of continuous improvement.

Sustainability at WE Soda
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Excelling at innovation

We actively embed innovation into the culture of our business. Through innovation we continuously refine and improve our technological processes, maintain our industry leadership position, and aim for 100% customer satisfaction.

Our Innovation Team encourages all colleagues to participate in developing new projects and processes. To foster a culture of continuous improvement, successfully implemented ideas leading to improvement are rewarded through staff benefit packages.

Laboratory innovation

Exchanging expertise and knowledge

As members of the European Soda Ash Producers Association (ESAPA) we work with experts in a wide range of fields, ensuring we maintain our competitive edge, monitor legislation, and keep up to date on environmental priorities. We also encourage best practice across our business and beyond, sharing our expertise with governments, institutions, and industry.

Sustainability Reports

Read more about our approach in our Sustainability Reports: 

COVID-19 Statement

The COVID-19 virus outbreak has brought previously unexpected global challenges, with a widespread impact on individuals, communities, businesses and economies worldwide.

During the pandemic, we prioritised the wellbeing of our employees and contractors, all our facilities remained fully operational and we took all necessary steps to ensure that our global supply chain continued to reliably serve our customers around the world.

As a result, WE Soda has so far not experienced any lasting negative impact from the pandemic and we remain confident that the global demand for soda ash will recover such that we will be able to profitably deliver all our produced volumes into our targeted markets.

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