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Global supply chain reliability is a key part of our success. We are the largest global exporter of Soda Ash.

Global supply chain reliability is a key part of our success

We are the largest global exporter of Soda Ash, delivering product from our three production facilities to over 150 individual destinations in over 40 countries. To achieve this, we have an integrated global supply chain that operates 24/7.

In Turkey, 100% of our production from Eti and Kazan is shipped by road via a fleet of over 350 silo trailers, with over 80% exported, mainly to Europe, Asia, South America, the Middle East and Africa, with small volumes also supplying the US East Coast and China.

Over 70% of our Turkish production volumes are sold via approximately 30 exclusive regional distributors around the world, under multi-year supply agreements. Our distributors are an extension of our global supply chain and serve small and medium sized industrial consumers in their designated supply regions.

 US Exports

In the United States, we export approximately 70% of our production and sell the remainder in the domestic market to around 80 large industrial customers and regional distributors.

Almost 100% of our Wyoming production is transported by rail to domestic customers and via ports in Portland, Oregon and Galveston, Texas for the export markets.

Today, our US export volumes are handled by ANSAC (the American Natural Soda Ash Corporation) and sold mainly to Asia, South America, the Middle East and Africa. We have given notice to leave ANSAC.

Following our departure, we will manage our own US export volumes utilising our own integrated global supply chain.

Solution mining

First developed at Eti Soda, we are the only company in the world to use innovative solution mining technology to extract trona ore.

We use this at both our Eti and Kazan facilities. This patented production method injects heated water into the underground ore body, which then dissolves the trona forming brine solution. The brine is then extracted to the surface, and pumped to a central processing facility.

This closed loop system is safer (no underground operatives), has minimal impact on the surface, uses significantly less energy and water than other production methods and also produces significantly less CO2 emissions.

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Our port facilities

In Turkey, our main export terminal is at Derince Port, approximately 300 km from our production facilities, where we have exclusive pier and storage facilities and can load bulk vessels at a rate of up to 2,200 tonnes per hour.

Almost 70% of our production is exported in bulk, but we also export in 27 tonne container liner bags and 1.25 tonne bags from other port facilities.

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