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To improve the understanding of our industry and our business, we commissioned Bloomberg Media to prepare a series of educational media assets. Click on the tiles below to watch some of the social cuts from our media campaign.

The global leader in natural Soda Ash

We sell our products in over 70 countries. We operate modern natural Soda Ash and sodium bicarbonate production facilities and utilise innovative solution extraction technology. We operate an integrated global production and supply chain to deliver to our customers every day. We aim to maintain and extend our leadership position in terms of production volumes and quality, supply chain reliability, innovation, safety and environmental standards.

5 million Almost 5 million tonnes of Soda Ash per year
2 Production facilities
1.9 billion Over US$1.9 billion invested in last 10 years
70 Over 70 countries use our product
100 Over 100 customers globally
1,200 Approx. 1,200 employees

What is Soda Ash?

Soda Ash is a safe, simple compound used in the manufacture of thousands of products from glass, to cleaning products, pharmaceuticals and food. Civilisations as far back as the Egyptians and the Romans discovered its remarkable properties and it’s been part of our everyday lives ever since.

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Eti soda WE Soda production facility

Our mission and strategy

Our mission is to challenge the status quo, to innovate and to excel in everything we do.

Strategically, we aim to maintain and extend our leadership position in the global Soda Ash industry in terms of production volumes, product quality and supply chain reliability, technology and process innovation and in safety and environmental standards.

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Operating responsibly

We operate to the highest product quality, environmental and safety standards around the world.

We execute in a responsible and sustainable way, with the lowest environmental impact whilst supporting and investing in the communities in which we work, creating a positive impact for our employees, our customers and for the communities in which we operate.